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for a low flat fee

Flat Fee MLS Listing Greenville Texas

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for a low flat fee

Flat Fee MLS Listing Greenville Texas

Flat Fee Texas since 1998


Flat Fee MLS Greenville Texas

Sell Direct, Buy Direct on the Greenville Texas MLS. We refer buyers direct to you! No more high commissions! Our Flat Fee MLS in Greenville Texas program utilizes to route buyers direct to you or buyers can work with their agent. Be a "For Sale By Owner on the MLS" and work with agents.
We are NOT a referral company like many other companies.  We are your flat fee broker that inputs and oversees all of our listings! 

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Greenville Texas Flat Fee MLS Listing



Why Flat Fee Versus a Traditional Agent in Greenville Texas

In most all situations, there is no reason to list with a "Traditional" agent anymore. A professional Greenville Texas Flat Fee MLS & listing has all the essentials that a traditional agent provides, with all of the cost savings and benefits of selling as "For Sale By Owner". Most all homes sell through the Greenville Texas MLS.

Avoid the Traditional Texas Real Estate Commissions

Instead of paying a traditional Greenville Texas Realtor for example list your house on MLS, let list it on MLS for a low flat fee. You get the same MLS listing, but without the typically higher  commissions. We are a discount REALTOR ® offering al la carte service, pay for what you want.

Why you need the Greenville Texas MLS

MLS stands for "Multiple Listing Service", and is what is generally referred to as "the real estate market". Being listed in Greenville Texas MLS means all the area Realtors can find your home in their Greenville Texas MLS database, and all the buyers can find your home when searching on and thousands of other web sites that display MLS listings. That's why MLS is responsible for over 90% of all home sales, and why MLS listed properties (for sale by owner or not) sell faster and for more money than non-listed "for sale by owner" properties. (This is an estimate)

Why a Greenville Texas Flat Fee MLS Listing is the best choice

It's the best of both worlds! You have the tremendous exposure of being listed on MLS, but with all the control and savings of selling "For Sale By Owner".

Why doesn't everybody sell their house with a Flat Fee MLS Listing?

Because they don't know this option exists, or they assume selling a home for sale by owner in Greenville Texas is more complicated than it is. Some just believe it's too good to be true. We offer "Full Service" for our clients who want the "Traditional service" without the high cost.


We comply completely with SB 810 on all our listing packages (along with all rules and regulations by TREC, TAR, NAR & MLS Boards) - that includes a provision that requires a broker who represents a party or who lists real property under an exclusive agreement to: inform the party of material information related to the transaction, including the receipt of an offer by the broker, and answer the party's questions and present any offer to or from the party. The bill prohibits a broker who represents a party from telling another broker to negotiate directly with the broker's client. The bill further provides that, for purposes of 1101.157, a license holder who has additional authority to bind a party under a power of attorney or a property management agreement is considered a party to the lease or sale; an inquiry to an employee of a builder or developer about contract terms or forms does not violate §1101.652(b)(22) if the person does not have authority to bind the employer to the contract; the delivery of an offer to a party does not violate §1101.652(b)(22) if the party's broker consents to the delivery and a copy of the offer is sent to the party's broker; and provides an exception to the requirement of sending a copy of the offer to a party's broker if the party is a governmental agency using a sealed bid process that does not allow a copy to be sent to the broker.


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